The Intergenerational Care (IGC) Project is a research project being conducted by Griffth University on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Funded by Dementia and Aged Care Services (DACS), this project officially commenced in June 2017 and will run for a period of two years. This project is based on three years of background research including policy analysis, systematic review of current programs, a Delphi study on preferences for models of care and a feasibility study into the demand for intergenerational care in the Australian context.

What is Intergenerational Learning?

Intergenerational learning programs are defined as planned ongoing activities that purposefully bring together different generations to share experiences that are mutually beneficial. Our program focuses on the educational, workforce, economic and social benefits that intergenerational learning programs bring to Australia.

Benefits of Intergenerational Learning Programs


  • Provide an opportunity to learn from and connect with the older generation
  • Helps improve the behaviour that children show towards older people in general
  • Improvements in children’s pro-social behaviours of sharing, helping and cooperating
  • Decrease likelihood of juvenile delinquency in later life


  • Provide older adults with a sense of purpose
  • Enhance the dignity experienced by older people
  • Alter communities’ perceptions of older adults and the ageing process from negative to positive
  • Improve the social outcomes of older people
  • Encourage older people to remain living in their home for longer

Aims of the Project

This project aims to evaluate two models of intergenerational learning programs within community day care settings to benefit older people and carers, and younger children (3 – 5 years). The two models of intergenerational learning programs being evaluated are:


Aged day care and child day care centres offer their programs on the same site with shared infrastructure and facilities. The intergenerational care program is then provided in a multi-function room common to both aged care and children care facilities


Centres are located separately and either children or older people are transported to the other site and intergenerational activities are held on that site for 1 – 2 hrs, twice per week

Media Kit

For more information please download our media kit.